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a powerful and educational experience  This is not for the weak mind, but for the photos and stories of those who died from the abuse of ignorance and power, piteous and momentary.  I went to the Southern Poverty Law Center with the students in Noyado. We were learning about the civil rights movement.  I was in a severe mood, but this trip was very important.  The photos were realistic and the stories they told were horrible. But there was also hope. Historical cases, the walls of justice, the expressions of determination, and the faces of those who confront oppression.
is free of charge, asking for gifts, and the gift shop's products are cheap. It is clear that they want to know their purpose more.  It is small, clean and quiet. I felt like I was in the Holocaust Museum, and in a sense, there were so many innocent people that innocent people would be hurt by cruel people.

This will definitely come and encourage all people to build a wall to serve social justice and civil rights.

12/25/2020 09:43pm

Anonymous ...
A very slimy group is always looking for a scapegoat to fit the bent landscape.

12/27/2020 07:53am



The people who caused the country's most vicious racial abuse. He makes money by twisting and slandering the facts, and seeks lukewarm work. Google Morris Dees is their founder and can see what type of gutter rat he is.

12/30/2020 12:56pm



These people were called anti-Islamic extremists in Maazid Nawaz and Ayan Hirsi Ali. They are Muslim intellectuals fighting for the rights of Muslims marginalized from society. It's like calling Gandhi a terrorist. Who will benefit from that? To make matters worse, the move condemns other SPLC supporters. He is reckless.

12/25/2020 02:22pm



Review #2500 is about SPLC.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been established.  In 1971, Morris Dees and Levin as Joseph J civil rights corporation. They came to talk in Berkeley earlier this year, but I didn't.

I'm  I'm proud to be invited to stand by this fine organization. SPLC focuses on "Klanwatch" (now Hatewatch"). Educational leaders, civil rights and anti-discrimination lawsuits.

Remarkable Cases:


Fact: Montgimary Alabama Inca Encourages and Enables Racism
Remedies" New Cities and ywca... ".
Solution: Court rules have a "city system". "Order ymca to stop discriminatory and discriminatory acts".

Invisible Empires, Knights, KKK

Over 100 Clan members broke the peaceful civil rights march in 2010 and added Alabama with bats, ax handles and guns.
Remedies: splc revealed new evidence, the FBI resumed the case, and klansmen passed a
resolution. The Kremman must pay compensation, serve the community, refrain from white supremacy activities and attend inter-racial relations and biased courses.

United States
Fact: united klan members are lynching blacks.
remedy:splc successfully unified klan with $7 million.
klan handed over its headquarters to the victim's mother and sold it to buy a house. (splc does not hold revenue.)

White Aryan's Resistance
Fact: White Aryan killed the Ethiopian
remedy. splc wins a lawsuit for $12.5 million against war operators Tom and John Metzger.
Solution: The Metzgers declare bankruptcy and the WAR is out of business. metzger is still paying.

splc Wikipedia pages and books contain more.  

SPLC  This report shows the record number of hate groups that were active in 2008. (926).
186 groups, including 196 neo-nazo. 111 white nationalists, 98 racist skin heads, 39 Christian identities, 93 neo-confederations, 113 black separatists, 90 general hate groups. ...

The Burial Goods Unveiled the Montgomery Citizenship Memorial Hall  Designed by Maya Lin in 1989.

12/31/2020 12:43am



What should I say?  It is one of the most influential, powerful and aggressive organizations in the world.  I'm proud to be a supporter of Future of the Center and Partner for the Funture of the Center.  Mr. Morris Dee's and his family at the Center made incredible progress in combating the ugly head of hatred in this great country.  If you are in town, be sure to drop by and greet you and look at the Citizenship Monument.  Join your family and become a patron!

12/25/2020 12:11am



The Southern Poverty Law Center may offer more services than expected, and on the other hand, you may not understand the meaning of "house cleaning service" at all, but when you put in and look for it, the Southern Poverty Law Center became five stars.

12/24/2020 09:30pm