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Julien Mapphilips founded the company in 1979 after running as a prosecutor's assistant in Montgomery, Alabama. The company began its history by dealing with civil rights lawsuits, job discrimination and criminal defense issues. In the 1990s, new partners were added to the association, and legal practices such as car accidents, unlawful death claims, 18-wheel accidents, labor compensation claims, social security claims and contravention of contracts increased. The most commonly called "People's Law Office" is trying to protect customer diversity and help customers.

Established in 1978


LLP's Macphilips Simbaum has received a The People's Law Farm rating. Senior partner, Julian McPhillips, established the company in 1978 to provide the best quality legal services to people in Alabama at an affordable price.

Mrs. Strickland has been a board member of Max Phillips Simbaum and has been working for the company since 1996. After graduating from Troy State University, she is responsible for accounting, bookkeeping, IT, advertising, and management of a company consisting of seven lawyers and nine support staff members.

Amelia S.





I'm happy to have Julian McPhillips serve as my representative twice in the past ten years. In 2008, I had a serious accident and while the drunk driver stopped at the red light, I hit the back of the car at about 45 miles an hour. For me, this was a terrible new experience, and I had never called a lawyer. a lawyer McPhillips, like the assistant, instantly reassured me about my kindness, sincerely considerate of what happened to my child and me, and reassured me that everything would be fine if the driver did not have insurance and did not want to pay the insurance. Within a few months, Geico paid for the injured and the total car. a lawyer McPhillips won the match against a major insurance company, and I was able to receive treatment and necessary surgery without any stress!

My second experience with Mr. McPhillips and Mr. McPhillips Simbaum was wonderful, despite the severity of the accident and the weight of my injury. I stopped the ambulance, the driver of a major truck company was about to jump in front of the ambulance, and in the process, I got over my minivan directly in the car that was caught under the 18-wheeled car, dragged me over the on-ramp and finally stopped the truck with a jackknife. I was hospitalized for nine months and then experienced 12 abdominal surgery and all the complications associated with it in four years. The company wanted to calm down quickly, with only the medicine it received two years after the accident. Mr. MacPhillips had foresight and knowledge that future medical problems would be very good. Needless to say, I wasn't home with young boys, I just looked at them when I went to the hospital. No matter the size of the truck company, including the lawyer of the other company and Amelia Strickland, who had caused the accident in 2008, many of whom have continued to settle at an insulting price not equal to my future operation, he never gives up or gives up, and I value my blessing every day for the people who God has made me intimate with the people I visited and my children, instead of treating me as a case. They are not examples of me making money, but of me in that time and in the years to come, who are badly wounded and in need of protection. They won! It's not about McPhillips and the winning of America Scotland, but about the people that I've met with professionalism, kindness and injury at this time.

If I have no car accident in the future, it will be great, but personally I will ask Mr. McPhillips and Secretary-General Amelia Scotland! Thank you to those who have been reading for a long time. I'm very passionate, you know, and I want to lead people to the best law firm I know, in the same or any situation.

12/30/2020 08:26am