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Lucci started the implementation of the law in 2002 with the District Attorney's office in Etova County. She has been on private business since 2004. He started to specialize in criminal defense, but as the practice progressed, he became familiar with family law and household management.

Established in 2007


If you are charged with a crime, or consider adoption or divorce, an experienced lawyer will mean the difference between pay and unpaid medical expenses, freedom and imprisonment, and dissatisfaction and satisfaction. Lucci Law Offar is committed to a variety of legal backgrounds, sound experience, and legal issues.





Unfortunately, I can't rate my lawyer as zero. This is the only reason to get one star in Virginia. Don't use this lawyer! I paid her 2,500 dollars in full to help her in custody cases. At the first trial, she didn't say a word to me. With her mouth closed, I spoke everything. She began to ignore my phone and email. I don't know anything about the court! It was two days before the trial that she finally contacted me. I said I'm going to get out of my case! !! What really happened was that she became friends with my former lawyer, I know, that crooked nonsense following the closed door. I asked for my money back. She said that she would send me a check. I haven't received any money for three years! Don't trust this crooked lawyer! Liar steal money! !!

12/26/2020 03:11pm